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Meaning of Silambam

Ancient South India was ruled by Several Kings, if we go back in time, we might get the exact meaning for the word Silambam. The hardest time Silambam went through, was during the colonialist rule of British over India. British government had banned the practice of warfare and martial art in any form in india and they knew the dangers of Indian Martial Art. British troops were wel trained to use with explosive and guns, but they were lacking the physical combact skills. This fear lead them to impose restrictions on Indian Martial Arts.

There is a high level of confusion over the word silambam

What is the exact meaning of Silambam ?

Who gave the name to Silambam from Veera Vilayat or Pour Pairchy ?

This is my recent findings on the word "Silambam", its up to the readers to decide on it, either its correct or wrong.

The world "Silambam" must have come from the exact word of "Kaal silambam". (A ornament which was used for wearing in legs for women in ancient days),

Its common now that you might think how is it possible.

The Silambam has its own history in Tamil Nadu, there is a Epic called 'Silapadhigaram' in which a country was cursed by Kannagi and the kingdom was Destroyed by her curse through Fire, Earth Quake, and Flood, this is history. Today we dont see women wearing the same type of ornament, it has changed in to "Goolasu" Chains and Rings.

The other ancient use of this Silambam is through Folk Dance called Silambattam, the "Kai Silambam". The Silambam which has the exact resemblance of "Kaal Silambam"

A person holds a pair of 'Kai Silambam' in his hand and dance to the Music of Pambai, Udakai and Urami Melam. This dance is usualy performed in front of god Shakthi. If we start observing the Silambattam we can find the unique foot and hand movements which differ from other form of dance. This foot and hand movement is the exact foot and hand movements in Silambam Martial Art. It is very difficult to the readers to understand in words as I mention, since its more in technical. This can happen only when you start observing the dance and compare it to the Silambam Martial Art movements.

I will try my level best to provid a Vedio of Silambattam Dance. In a short time.

The other meaning on Silambam

The word "Silambam" was immerged in the time of British rule in India. The word Silam that is commonly known as Hill in Tamil and the word Bam denote Bamboo in English. It is highly possible that the word Silambam could have come from British ruler. When the ancient warfare practice was banned in the British rule, people who loved the art started practicing in the hills and farms in a remote area. It is possible that the word could have come from an English man to find the people who are practicing martial art using bamboo sticks on the hills.

The King Veerapandia Kattabomman (1760-1799) relied mainly on their prowess in Silambam in their warfare with the British Army. The Thandu Padai who were the soldiers of foot regiments armed themselves with Silambam

The history of Silambam in South India is above 5,000 years or above according to ancient texts. The research says that it was originated before the Aryans race migrated to India.





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