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Kutthu Varesai

Kundalini and Varma Kalai




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Guru Vanakam

Mr. Jothi Senthil Kumar in Picture depicting the Prayer to God and salute to the Guru (Master)

Kutthu Varesai


Kutthu Varesai is an art in Silambam, which is used for training foot movements in the beginning. The art was used in different parts of south India by different Kings who ruled ancient India. The warier family’s kept this tradition of art. This is an art, which is been used by the Chine’s Kung Fu today. Due to several problems the art is in dieing stage. Today there are very few schools in south India that teach about Kutthu Varesai.




This Picture depicts the flexibility in Kutthu Padam and the strength of Kutthu Varesai


Paravai Pachal

This Picture depicts the Paravai Pachal, this is a depiction of Eagle flight and the strength of using both Legs and Hands to the same target to kick and grab the opponents. This type of jump can be from 7 feet to 10 in air, only masters in this art can perform such a jump.






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